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Although most people have seen Steampunk-inspired jewelry and clothing, they might not know anything about the origins of Steampunk. My thoughts have been mostly, “It’s awesome. I think I love it but what is it?”
Steampunk is a futuristic sub-genre of science fiction, which is usually set in either Victorian era in Europe or the Wild West in America. So it’s set in the past but it’s futuristic. (How awesome is that?!) So the steam in steampunk refers to gadgets and weapons that are steam-powered. Authors like Jules Verne and H.G. Wells are major influences. Does anyone remember reading “The Time Machine” By H.G. Wells? ( I borrowed it from someone, who was supposed to be reading it for class. Sorry dude. You missed out.)
As far as I can tell, the term steampunk coined by K.W. Jeter as a play on the word “cyberpunk.”
The movie, “Wild, Wild West,” is another example of Steampunk fiction. The movie was based on a 1960s television series, “The Wild, Wild West.” It wasn’t the best movie ever. Actually, it was really terrible but it did have some cool gadgets.
There is also Steampunk music, which I do not know anything about, except that it is difficult to define. Apparently, Thomas Dolby is a major influence on Steampunk musicians.
The clothing and jewelry are fantastic. It absolutely blows my mind! There are a variety of places on Etsy that make the Steampunk goggles and other accessories. Steampunk fashion seems to be all about accessorizing.
There are so many things about the genre that I cannot fit into this post. However, I have included some links to start you on your quest.

(I wrote the word Steampunk 9 times. oops, make that 14.)

Some info was found in Wikipedia.

Online Magazine:

Article about a steampunk art gallery:

Steampunk Blog:




Heart with wings:
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  1. I love some Steampunk. One of the things I use my Facebook fanpage for is to collect Steampunk images. Eventually, I’m going to get a Pinterest account rolling and use the images to build Steampunk boards.

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