Perfect : NaBloPoMo

Perfect Square: NaBloPoMo

Do you feel pressure to be perfect?

Of course. Everyone in my family wants me to be perfect. What does perfection mean to them?
I can only imagine who they wanted me to be. When I went to a career coach, she had me do two collages. One collage depicted who I thought my family wanted me to be. The other one depicted who I thought I really wanted to be.
The family collage was a popular, athletic businesswoman. My collage was a free-spirited children’s author with crazy hair.
My family didn’t necessarily tell me who to be with words. There were qualities that they appreciated more than others. Being successful was pretty high on the list. Who is to say what being successful really means? If I was a successful author, then we would all win. My life isn’t really a perfection contest. Or is it?
For the last few years, my goal hasn’t been to be perfect. The goal has been to live a good life. And also to complete anything on the bucketlist, if there is an opportunity.

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  1. I think living a good and happy life is more important than perfection.

  2. Life Breath Present Avatar
    Life Breath Present

    Ditto to both you and Lynda Lippin. A few years back, I (mostly) gave up trying to be perfect and being much more comfortable with just doing what works for me and enjoying myself along the way. Who says you (or I) have to be successful in the way others believe I *should* be 🙂

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