Take a Chance Monday: “Callie’s Balloon Adventure”

chapter 1

On a sunny spring afternoon in May,
Callie went to the annual balloon festival.
She watched hundreds of balloons float away.

Callie didn’t know how to fly.
She thought it would be fun to try.
Who could teach Callie?
What about Grandpa Jake or Aunt Sally?

Grandpa Jake knew how to play marbles and games.
Fixing motorcycles was Aunt Sally’s claim to fame.
They didn’t know anything about balloons
or where to find a lagoon.

— I started writing this story about ten years ago. This is just the first page. It needs a little tinkering but it’s mostly finished. So I will be working on getting it published, which is the hard part.
The illustrator is Simone Matias, who is from Brazil. She’s really talented. I love her illustrations.

Here are some links to Simone.


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