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Writing a Children’s Book: Nablopomo

Do you have a book in you? Is it related to your blog or completely different?

I do have a book or two floating around in my mind. I’ve written a rough draft of two books.There might even be room in my brain for a third book. The drafts are really rough but they have potential. Now I just have to get back to the drawing board.
I’m getting closer to going back to work on it. Why does it take me so long to write such a short book? Fear of failure? Maybe. But I’ll definitely fail if I don’t write anything at all. I’m going to write an outline of chapters. Someone told me I should do that. After I’m finished writing a chapter, I can cross it off and feel motivated to move on.
The books are not totally unrelated to the blog. Both books are for children.
Several years ago, I had an artist do some drawings for the first book. It would be a shame for all of the art to go to waste. Honestly, it would be a shame if the rough drafts went to waste.
Must get back to drawing board . . .

Daily Post: Not so forgotten goals


Is there something you’ve always wanted to do, but never got around to starting (an activity, a hobby, or anything else, really)? Tell us about it — and tell us about what’s keeping you from doing it.

Well, there are a ton of bucket list goals on my to do list. I don’t usually have a problem starting an activity. Most of the time I get distracted and forget to finish. Sometimes I don’t have the time to finish or restart a hobby.
It might take some tinkering to fit everything that I want to do into a nice orderly schedule. Ok . . . forget orderly. It might be too much to hope for anything to be nice and neat.
Eventually, I would like to work on my children’s book and finish it. The book has been separated into two different stories since the last time that I mentioned it. I need some motivation to get back to writing the story.


Bedtime Stories: The Cat Who Wore a Pot On Her Head.”

What was your favorite book as a child? Did it influence the
person you are now?


When I was a kid, the one book that made me laugh was “The Cat Who Wore a Pot on Her Head.” There were times when my parents probably thought I wore a pot on my head. The cat, Bendomolena, liked to wear a pot on her head but the side effect was that she could not hear any directions. Hilarity ensues! Nothing went according to her mom’s plans. For example, she told her siblings to nail the chairs to the wall and invite a bear into the house. Her mom was also very nice about all of the mishaps. The mom let Bendomolena march to the beat of her own drummer, just like my own mom.
I was in my own world or reading a book. Whatever I was doing, it did not involve listening. So I didn’t have know how to listen effectively. I was about seven then. Do young kids listen?
When I was about 21, I understood what listening to people entailed. I would like to think that being a good listener makes me a better writer.

The kid and I wearing pots on our heads. 🙂 Good times!



Take a Chance Monday: “Callie’s Balloon Adventure”

chapter 1

On a sunny spring afternoon in May,
Callie went to the annual balloon festival.
She watched hundreds of balloons float away.

Callie didn’t know how to fly.
She thought it would be fun to try.
Who could teach Callie?
What about Grandpa Jake or Aunt Sally?

Grandpa Jake knew how to play marbles and games.
Fixing motorcycles was Aunt Sally’s claim to fame.
They didn’t know anything about balloons
or where to find a lagoon.

— I started writing this story about ten years ago. This is just the first page. It needs a little tinkering but it’s mostly finished. So I will be working on getting it published, which is the hard part.
The illustrator is Simone Matias, who is from Brazil. She’s really talented. I love her illustrations.

Here are some links to Simone.