Apply yourself: Learning to Knit

Describe your last attempt to learn something that did not
come easily to you.

My mom can knit, crochet and several other crafty things. She knows how to use woodworking tools. Isn’t that impressive?
When I was about eight or nine years old, she attempted to teach me how to knit. It took some doing but I finally made the first line in a scarf. I don’t think it actually became a scarf. If so, it was the shortest scarf on record.
I can’t remember why I lost patience with knitting. It could have been my lack of manual dexterity. I always did poorly at those tests where you had to put the peg in the right place. Maybe I should have read a book called “Knitting for Impatient Kids that Want Perfection Now.”
There are so many people, including many fellow bloggers and Facebook friends, that love knitting. It is a relaxing activity for them.
My mom has been teaching my oldest kid how to knit. I think it’s wonderful. My kid has the crafty gene also. I’m going to have to find a book about how to knit and not worry about perfection.

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