How I Tricked My Kid into Eating Carrots

How I Tricked My Kid into Eating Carrots

My youngest daughter despises carrots. She also dislikes green beans and several other vegetables. I thought that I could disguise the vegetables somehow. A smoothie was my best option. Since it’s time to go grocery shopping, the options were limited. Was it going to be a green bean smoothie day? Today was not the day for the green beans.
I used a can of pineapple juice, half a bag of frozen carrots, a banana and maybe 10 oz. of cranberry juice. This time I used the cran-cherry juice.
She loved it so much that she asked for a second glass. I feel like a better than average mom and also a little sneaky. It was totally worth it to get some vegetables into her diet.

There are more recipes for carrot smoothies here. I also borrowed the photo from this site.

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  1. It looks good! Do you have a juicer or a blender to make smoothies?

    1. I do! I have a smoothie maker. It’s a Back to Basics – Smoothie Pro 700. That’s the actual name. 🙂 It was a really good smoothie. Couldn’t taste the carrots at all.

      1. She asked me for another one today. But I still haven’t been to the store. lol Maybe tomorrow

  2. Think I may try this to trick myself into eating carrots!! (I’m checking out the link you sent me – it’s all new to me – I’m just taking a wee bit of time to figure the process!). Here’s to carrots.

    1. Yay carrots!
      There’s time. I post my post about the four people I’ve chosen in about 3 weeks. Then they post about the four people they’ve chosen in 4 weeks.

      1. Ah cool. So do you choose 4 people to write about from a list or can it be any blogger? (Do you link the post to the guy who started it?)

        Thank you for thinking of me! I am going to have a go, it will be a first! Looking forward to reading your post. ;-D

        Rocking Carrots!!

      2. You can choose any blogger. Yes, you link to the one before you and the ones you choose. You could probably link to the one I sent you if you wanted.
        Rocking carrots! That’s a good name for a post. 🙂 lol
        You’re welcome! Glad you can come out to play 😉

      3. This was such a kind offer which I appreciate. I am so new here though and I don’t know 4 bloggers well enough to write an extended piece on them. I had a good look at the post and it’s brilliant but I would struggle to find the content at this point in my blogging career!! It looks exciting and I look forward to reading more of your posts! Bravo on your super blog! 😉

      4. Ok. I understand. Thanks for considering the offer. 🙂 Thank you for your kind words. I also can’t wait to read more of your blog. 🙂

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