I’m Still a Rock Star: NaBloPoMo

I'm Still a Rock Star: NaBloPoMo

How would you rate your self-confidence? When is it at its lowest? When is it at its highest?

Confidence. I give it a 5 out of 10.
It’s at the lowest when everything is my fault. People all over the place – home, work, grocery store – are angry with me for whatever reason. There is a statute of limitations on how long I will accept the blame. I apologize for all of my mistakes that I’ve ever made. You can be mad at me the rest of your life if you want; however, I will not play the blame game after five years. Oh and I also do not accept responsibility for who my ex’s choose for girlfriends. They are over 18 and can make their own choices, good or bad. I was not included in any selection process. It doesn’t work that way.

I feel the most confident when I’m surrounded by people who inspire creativity or people that make me laugh. Sometimes those people are my kids. They are funny and creative. My oldest kid has a great eye for photography. She gets that from me. She might even be better but I’m okay with it. I’m confident enough in myself to let her pass me by. Who can stop talent like that anyway? I’ll be on the sidelines with my sign that says “You go girl!!” It might be my next craft project.


When someone likes a photograph of mine or a blog post, that’s also a boost to my confidence.


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