What would Joan Jett do?


I have been extremely nervous about doing something. I can’t say what it is exactly. For the sake of this post, let’s say the topic is going on safari. No one else is nervous about the safari, except me because i’m the zebra in this scenario. My boyfriend doesn’t think the lions will eat me. My mom says to have my camera ready if a hippo charges me. What if the hippo pins me to the ground before i can get to the camera? We are pretty sure that at least one hippo is on the crazy train. She doesn’t like zebras.
Also, no one always has time to go with me to the safari. It is also imperative that I go. Cancellations are unacceptable.
So on the last safari, I was trying to psych myself up for the trip. Joan Jett came on the radio. It was a sign from above. If she were a zebra, Joan Jett wouldn’t be scared of the lions. She definitely would not be worried about any hippos. Joan Jett does not panic when crazy hippos try to pin her down and steal her guitar. She faces her fears and shows them how it’s going to be. End of discussion.
I think I will be taking Joan Jett on all of my safari’s from now on. If she’s not available, maybe Pat Benatar can come with me. I saw Ms. Benatar in concert. She was a petite powerhouse. it was one of my favorite concerts.
So I’m going to be the toughest zebra on this safari. I can’t let joan jett down.

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