Stolen Babies: Sleep Deprived Music Review

Stolen Babies "Naught"

The Stolen Babies are not your typical rock band. The lead singer plays an accordion. How often does anyone in a rock band play an accordion? Their CD, “Naught,” is not typical either.

There are tracks, like “Don’t Know,” that are definitely metal. The opening track, ” Behind the Days,” could be on the soundtrack to any Tim Burton movie.
All of the songs sound fresh and crisp. Kudos to the production team, which included Ulrich Wild.

None of the band members are slackers as far as musicianship. Current band members are Dominique Persi, Gil Sharone, and Rani Sharone. The group has been playing in bands together since 1997, which is apparent by how well they play together.

My personal favorite song on the album is “Never Come Back.” It’s a mixture of all of the Stolen Babies’ best elements. It’s a little heavy and a little bit “Corpse Bride.”
All in all, I really enjoyed this album. It was thoroughly entertaining. Hopefully, I can catch them on their tour this year.

This is a link to their tour schedule:

Stolen Babies – “Never Come Back”:

The whole album:

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  1. The video clip isn’t very good so you can’t really get a idea about how good they are,the accordion is washed out BUT you do get curious about the CD and how Stolen Babies sound in the studio,cleaned up.

  2. Thanks for introducing me to a band I have never heard and should of heard in 97 lol

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