The Bucket List is Missing!! or How to Find the Strength to Start a Bucket List from Scratch. . . Again.


I feel lost today. My bucket list is missing in action. I used to be able to see it on SuperViva but they have changed everything. I can send an email to someone and they will send my list. What if they send it by snail mail? Oh my goodness that is a long time.
I really liked how SuperViva used to be. I could add things to the list. When I completed a goal, I could put it on a different list. All of it was so simple. Then they had a goal to redo their website and get rid of the list. WHYYYYYY!!!????
How long can I go without the list? Not very long at all. I think I need one by tomorrow. Will my world fall apart? No, not actually. I still need to see my goals written down
I have a picture of it. Somehow that doesn’t seem good enough. I found my list of blog post ideas. It’s great to know where that list it. However, it’s not the same.
I hope I didn’t throw it away during my week of organizing madness.
Is it possible to start over? Sure it is! I can make a whole new list. I’m going to try Evernote. Hopefully, it will be sufficient. Also, I hope that they don’t restructure their system. Ever.

P.S. I realize this is not the biggest problem on the face of the planet. It’s not the worst thing that’s happened to me this year or even today. I am being a little sarcastic. Just a little. I’m on the verge of offering a reward to my children if they find it. I’ll give a bucket full candy to the first kid that can find mommy’s bucket list. πŸ™‚

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  1. I enjoyed your blog. It made me chuckle as I just lost and important list too. I finally found it at no candy cost to me. Good luck and keep laughing and SEARCHING!!!

  2. Evernote is fantastic, I’ve been using it for about a year and a half now. It’s great for recipes because you can add tags for ingredients or tags for the blogs where they are from. Hope you enjoy!

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