Sleep vs. Pretty Little Liars: Daily Post

After a long day of work and blogging, I usually watch Netflix. Blogging sometimes keeps me up later than I expect and I only have a few hours of sleep before starting the whole cycle over again.
The show that always keeps me awake is Pretty Little Liars. I almost hate to admit that I’m addicted to PLL. I just finished the last show on Netflix. I feel like I have to see it until the end. I’m too invested in it to give up now.
And I have to know who A is. I JUST HAVE TO KNOW!! I have a suspect in mind. It’s an athletic male who Ally’s mom was protecting. If it’s not Jason DiLaurentis, then I give up on guessing.

Sometimes I’m too scared to sleep after watching it, especially if no one is home.
It’s not an Agatha Christie mystery but it’s close enough. I could never guess the culprit in Christie’s mysteries either. I kept reading her books because the stories were so good.

3 responses to “Sleep vs. Pretty Little Liars: Daily Post”

  1. I’ve almost finished the fourth season, and I quite enjoy the show. It’s a guilty pleasure, maybe, it’s a pleasure. 🙂

    1. I’m so glad that I’m not alone! 🙂 definitely a guilty pleasure.

      1. Oh no, not alone. I’m about to find the 3 episodes of the 5th season that have aired so that I can be all caught up. lol

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