Bucket List Goal Completed: Paint Fight!!


Today my family completed a goal on the bucket list. We had a paint fight! I don’t think they knew it was a bucket list goal. To them, it was something fun. It was also the first time that we did a paint fight.
We mixed paint and water in water guns. I bought some white shirts for all of us. If anyone does this activity, there is no guarantee that the paint will come out of your clothes. It will come out of your hair and off of your car. Next time, I will definitely buy more paint.
Everyone had a great time! Even my middle kid, who was hesitant to do it. I helped her get her older sister. From then on she had a good time too!
My friend, Amber came over to be the official photographer. There is also no guarantee that my camera would survive a paint fight. Since Lucas dumped paint on my head, it would have been unlikely. It was all in good fun. 🙂

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