Day 6 into Vegetarianism: Garlic Hummus

Dear Readers,
We are on day six of Darling Daughter’s quest to vegetarianism. We have encountered picky eaters, little sisters, food allergies and missing ingredients.
I found a recipe for garlic hummus. Darling Daughter, Lucas and I liked the hummus. Little Sisters #1 and #2 did not enjoy the hummus. The mission is still a success!
I substituted a Roma tomato for lemon juice. The lemon juice was used for chicken piccata. We are trading chicken for chick peas these days.


Join me again on day nine of the quest. I’m off the hook for day seven and eight. In the meantime, I will be searching for new recipes and nicknames for Little Sisters #1 and #2.

I used the following recipe for a guideline.



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