Hell On Wheels: Netflix


Well, I have no one to blame but myself. I am so sad because I binged on “Hell on Wheels” on Netflix. Now I have to catch up with it on real television or wait until it comes out on Netflix. It is such a long wait for current seasons of any show to appear on Netflix.
I’m not sure if I can wait for “Hell on Wheels.” I wonder if AMC has episodes online. I’ll get back to you after I do some research.
Common’s character has the best hats. I’m hoping that the bear didn’t get the best of him. His story was one of the reasons that I kept watching the show.


It almost makes me want to get cable. Almost.

P.S. AMC does have episodes online. Whoo hoo!!

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  1. One of my favorite shows…I’ve missed the most recent season, though, so I need to do some catching up on Netflix, too.

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