Why You Should Add a Watermark to Photos: Copyright Infringement

Today the top story in one of my Facebook groups was that someone was rightfully upset that their photo was used without permission by an online magazine.Β It’s a terrible thing. I don’t think it’s so much about money. It’s more about not getting credit for your work. Her name wasn’t mentioned. The link to her blog was not mentioned. Here it is by the way . . .


The blog is totally adorable. Totes adorbs!

So if you want to protect yourself from this happening to your photos, you should use a watermark on all of your photos. Until today, I have been selective about which photos I put my name on. However, her picture was a photo of her with her children. I will be busy from now until the end of time re-doing all of my pictures. The best advice that I’ve heard is that you should make it difficult for people to use your photos, especially if your own children are in the photos.


Do what you have to do to protect yourself from copyright infringement.

Also, be aware of Facebook copyright rules. Be aware of Facebook also being allowed to use your stuff.


Facebook Can Use Your Photos in Their Ads Without Permission


Link to tutorials, websites and apps about adding a watermark:







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  1. Hi Holley, thanks for the helpful information. I put my name on all my pictures, but I guess it is not enough. Thanks for following my blog and looking forward to see your posts.

    1. Thanks! πŸ™‚ I put my name on mine too. Just not all. I’ll be fixing that soon!
      Thanks for the follow too! πŸ™‚ Also look forward to reading more of your blog.

  2. I’ve been thinking I should be doing this for awhile now. It’s just such a pain in the ass, and it uglies up my photos. And I don’t mind people using my photos at all, but yeah, the non-credit and non-link is a problem. I’m scrapping for an extra 20 views a day, people with big websites. If I give you a photo that’s good enough to use, the least you can do is take the 30 extra seconds to give me a link.


  3. Many of my photos where stolen and used without permission.Now i use this software Mass Watermark to bulk watermark and resize my photos before i upload it anywhere

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