Changes in Life: NaBloPoMo

Autumn reminds us that everything changes. What do you wish you could change in your life right now?

Most of the things that I would like to change revolve around my current job. No offense job. It’s not you – it’s me.

I’ve been working 2nd shift for several months. It’s no problem during the summer. The school year started and it was instant chaos. The sitter situation was awful for a few minutes. However, my friend, Amber, and boyfriend, Lucas, have helped out immensely. Otherwise, I would be picking up the kid at midnight and waking her up again at 6:30 a.m. The poor kid would not be getting sleep and be a crabby patty all day. Who could blame her? I feel like I sleep too much but my seven hours of sleep are broken up. It still adds up to seven hours. Four hours here. Three hours there.

I was worried that Little Sister #2 would not be able to be in Girl Scouts. Thanks to Amber again for picking her up from her meetings.

Unfortunately, I could not sign Little Sister #2 up for dance lessons yet. She really wants to take them. I want her to take them. It’s more of a scheduling issue again. If I worked a different shift, it would not be a problem. Also, dance classes take up more time in the Spring. Extra practice, picture days, rehearsals, and dress rehearsals. Then the actual recital weekend can be exhausting. The kids don’t seem phased at all but the dance moms ( and a few dads) are probably napping in the audience either before or after intermission.

change in life

Even though my friends have been helpful with picking up Little Sister #2, I still don’t feel like I see her very often.  I would like that to change sooner than later. Hopefully, a window of opportunity will present itself. I am keeping my eyes open.

I would really like to work from home but I have not found a legitimate gig. To take a stay-at-home gig, I would have to be able to pay the bills. So far, I haven’t found it.

In the meantime, I’ll keep blogging, writing, taking photographs, and harassing publicists of cool bands. When I say “harassing,” it’s not really harassing – more like a squeaky wheel. You will not find me in anyone’s chimney . . . until the Red Hot Chili Peppers go on tour. Then I can’t make any promises.



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  1. That schedule thing, oy. Tough on the whole family that shift of yours.

    1. Yesssss. I know. It’s been a rough couple months. Hope to find something on a different shift. I like my job kinda but the shift is a killer.

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