Oh My Glob!: Online Geek Dating Ads

How do are you supposed to react when the ads really seem to target you? What if they are almost spot on but not quite? I’m a little spooked.

The ad that was obviously supposed to be for me was for an online dating service for geeks. http://www.gk2gk.com/

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The Internet has been paying attention to me. I’m so flattered and creeped out at the same time. Whoever thought of online dating for geeks is a genius. Way to go gk2gk (Geek to Geek) you have found your target audience, which is half of the battle in marketing.

Of course, I’m not single. If I were, I would be tempted to see if I could find my soulGeek.



It could be someone like this. Not this guy, he’s married. Why are all of the good geeks are taken? Maybe that’s where Geek to Geek comes in handy. If you are a geek looking for a geekmate, check it out.


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