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#WeekendCoffeeShare: Is Superman at Comic Con?

If we were having coffee, I would tell you

  • that it was a pretty good week. Coffee was made. I was the only one drinking coffee again, except on that one day that I slept too long. There was no time for doing much of anything on that day.
  • On most days, I worked, slept, read books, took some pictures and watched Netflix. Also, I drove the kids to an activity or two. It was a pretty typical week . . .
  • Until Saturday . . . when we went to the Comic Con in Columbus. It was just Lucas, Eva and I this time.
  • Eva dressed up like Super Girl. We forgot the cape but no one cried about it. She still looked really cute. She’s still a little shy about asking people to take pictures with her.
  • I dressed up like Lois Lane. Well, like Lois Lane if she were a hipster or a retro hipster. It worked. No one cried about it.
  • I tried to get Lucas to dress up like Clark Kent. He didn’t think he looked enough like Clark Kent to pull it off. (He would make an excellent Lobo though. He also does not want to dress up like Lobo. Maybe it’s too much leather?


  • I spent most of the time looking for a Superman so Eva, aka Supergirl, could have her picture taken with him. Superman is an elusive being. I could not find him anywhere.
  • I couldn’t even find Clark Kent. I still have his name badge.
  • If you want to know about how to make DIY Halloween costumes, Pinterest is full of ideas as usual.
  • P.S. My boyfriend does not want to do any of them. Maybe Clark Kent will go with me next year.




OMG! I found Velma. We look like we could be BFF’s. We could be on some nerdy girl squad.

Finally!! We found Superman . . . with Wonder Woman, of course.

Comic Con Activities: For Those Interested in Cosplay, Speed Dating and Kate Beckinsdale



If I were single, I would take advantage of all of the Cosplay workshops so that I could prepare for the Sci-fi speed dating session and photo ops. Kate Beckinsdale would be my #1 choice for photo ops this year. John Barrowman is a close second.

First, I would attend the workshop with cosplayer Britt Bliss called “How to Draft and Underbust Corset.” It’s for anyone interested in learning how to make their own corset. Anything that will help make you look good in your photo op with Kate Beckinsdale is worth your time.

Then  it’s time  to decide between going to the “Working with Worbla” Coplay workshop with Mogchelle for making your own armor. I’m not even sure what worbla is so maybe I’ll check out the speed dating session. (FYI:  After googling, I discovered that worbla is not a sci-fi character.)

There are speed dating sessions for the LGBTPQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender, Pansexual and Queer/Questioning) community. I don’t fit into that category but I might stick around to make some new friends. Another speeding dating session will be held later in the day.

What do you do if you love cosplay but you’re broke? Attend the Cosplay on a budget workshop with Knightmage. He has some amazing costumes. His Spawn costume is beyond gorgeous. It’s ridiculous how much it blows my mind. Check out some of his pictures here:



If you’re a geek girl, like me, then you might enjoy the Geek Girl Brunch. There are probably refreshments and maybe you can make some friends that like the same geeky stuff that you do. Besides, you will need to build your strength for the  . . . . Q & A session with Kate Beckinsdale.


This could be you! By the way, check out that corset. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/47217496077414363/



Wizard World: Columbus

New Holiday Memory: NaBloPoMo

What is your favorite holiday memory?

I have a new favorite holiday – it’s called Ohio Comic Con weekend. For me, it’s like Christmas, Halloween and my birthday rolled into one crazy weekend. Don’t get me wrong – I love spending holidays with the kids and family. However, I am never quite as excited about the other holidays as when I get to put on my Comic Con wristband.
This year, I decided to take Little Sister #2. We dressed up as Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman’s mom. It was so much fun to put together our outfits. She loved her Wonder Woman outfit, which was very rewarding as a mom.
She woke up before the crack of dawn to ask, “Is it time to wear my costume yet?” This is one of those things that let’s me know she is indeed my child. Also, this week she told me, “Hey mom, I know how to spell Joker.” I was really proud of her in a fangirl sort of way.

There were so many people at Comic Con this year. It was a little overwhelming for Little Sister #2 but she had fun. Maybe not as much fun as Wonder Woman’s Mom. People let me take pictures with them.


Deathstroke & Wonder Woman’s Mom 🙂


I met my online friend, Tracey, who is super cool. I wish I had known her before I moved away from Columbus.

Tracey Gurney & Lucas. She designed the shirt he is wearing.
Tracey Gurney & Lucas. She designed the shirt he is wearing.

Comic book artists signed my pink autograph book.

Dave Aikins & Tom Cook. Aikins is an illustrator for Spongebob & Dora the Explorer. Cook was an illustrator for He-Man, She-Ra, Scooby-doo, the Smurfs, etc. etc.
Dave Aikins & Tom Cook. Aikins is an illustrator for Spongebob & Dora the Explorer. Cook was an illustrator for He-Man, She-Ra, Scooby-doo, the Smurfs, etc. etc.
Michael Golden.  The list is too long. Amazing artist & cool guy.
Michael Golden. The list is too long. Amazing artist & cool guy.

I also met Drew Blank. I wrote a post about him last year.

Little Sister #2 and I are still in a debate over where the Wonder Woman print will go.

by Drew Blank
by Drew Blank

It was awesome to meet some of the comic book artists. If there was more time, I would have visited more booths. (There’s always Comic Con in Cleveland in February.)

Plus, I had a photo opp with Manu Bennett. Best. Five Minutes. Ever.


Little Sister #2 did finally warm up to people, especially Poison Ivy and Harlequin.



She also had fun running down the hall and twirling her skirt.

After a long day, we did see a taxi that matched our outfits. I wish we could have taken it home. It would have been an even better ending to a great day.

Currently Seeking Crixus: Blog-tember

Sept 6th: A “currently…” post. Tell us what you’re loving, hating, reading, eating, etc. If you want to borrow a list, mine is here.

What am I liking at the moment

1. Comic Con is getting closer. So that means the time for meeting Manu Bennett aka Crixus is also getting closer.


2. I’m still reading “Dance with Dragons.” If I’m still reading it next year, then it might be time to do a marathon reading session.

3. I’ve had this song in my head for at least a week.

4. I’m in love with possibility. I feel like there are so many opportunities related to blogging and the things that I’m interested in.


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