Writing a Children’s Book: Nablopomo

Do you have a book in you? Is it related to your blog or completely different?

I do have a book or two floating around in my mind. I’ve written a rough draft of two books.There might even be room in my brain for a third book. The drafts are really rough but they have potential. Now I just have to get back to the drawing board.
I’m getting closer to going back to work on it. Why does it take me so long to write such a short book? Fear of failure? Maybe. But I’ll definitely fail if I don’t write anything at all. I’m going to write an outline of chapters. Someone told me I should do that. After I’m finished writing a chapter, I can cross it off and feel motivated to move on.
The books are not totally unrelated to the blog. Both books are for children.
Several years ago, I had an artist do some drawings for the first book. It would be a shame for all of the art to go to waste. Honestly, it would be a shame if the rough drafts went to waste.
Must get back to drawing board . . .

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