Time Spent with Good People: Daily Post

A writer once said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” If this is true, which five people would you like to spend your time with?

1.  Family. The kids and my mom. My nephew is also  fun to have around for some good jokes. He know about every fart joke on the planet and every way to make fart noises.


2. My boyfriend. Lately, we spend most of our time with one of us sleeping. If I go to bed late, then I’m out of luck getting a spot in the bed. I was kind enough to not take pictures. You’re welcome. We need more awake time together, instead of sprawled out on the bed sleeping. Sleeping on every part of my side of the bed by the way. Then sideways.  Then kicking me in my thigh because well, things like that happen when we aren’t on the correct sides of the bed.



3. The guy at the comic book store. He knows so much that I don’t. There needs to be more time to pick his brain.

4. Jason Momoa. It didn’t say I had to know the person. It just wants to know who I want to spend time with. A girl has got to keep dreaming.


5. The other four people that like me. This kid and these cool chicks. None of them can resist my silly faces. It’s just too silly.



Bonus: blog friends


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2 thoughts on “Time Spent with Good People: Daily Post

  1. what a lovely post! agreed u are the 5 ppl you spend the most time with — I’m always keen to chose my company carefully it really does have an effect on your character :). was wondering if the picture of the farting jokes is an animated one of Marilyn Monroe??

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