Know What Belongs to You

As we’ve been seeing from the #womenslives initiative, all of our lives are newsworthy. Write a press release covering things you’ve accomplished in the last five years.

*Excuse the third person talk. Also, names may have been changed because we like to change things around here.*

In the last five years, Ms. Perry has been a mother, a blogger and photographer. She works a little bit every day to improve at one or all of these things.

Five years ago, she left transitional housing and has not looked back. Not even one time. Ms. Perry would like you to know that she appreciates the time that she spent living with five other women and their families. She would also tell you to be aware of what belongs to you – self-respect, honor and choices.

Also, she hopes that whichever roommate stole her hairdryer is happy with themselves. Ms. Perry still has her self-respect. She bought a new hairdryer that she didn’t have to steal.

Besides being a mom, Ms. Perry’s biggest achievements have included being a contributing blogger on Huffington Post and a photographer at the Mayhem Festival.

She has not officially said, “Go big or go home.” But she could if she wanted.


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