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living colour: a to z challenge

photo credit:Karsten Staiger
photo credit:Karsten Staiger

In the late 80s, I loved Living Colour. 27 years later, when I hear “Cult of Personality,” I still turn the radio up a little bit.

While doing a little bit of research on the group, I discovered that they have a new album, “Shade,” coming out this spring. They are also going on tour to celebrate their 30th anniversary.

So far the only date posted is in New Hampshire. I’m hoping they visit Cleveland or Detroit.

If they don’t visit the area, who is interested in a road trip? We’ve never been to New Hampshire.



  1. I love this song and this group.

    Of course, I can’t play it on Guitar Hero to save my life, I have to get M to get me past it every time, regardless of how well I do on harder songs 😀

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