Living with Strangers: NaBloPoMo

Talk about a time of great emotional growth.

Well, there was that one time that I went to live in a transitional housing facility for two years. It was a boarding house for the ladies who went through domestic abuse.

You really learn a lot about yourself when you have to live with strangers. It was a lot better than the previous shelter that I lived in while in Florida. At the transitional house, I didn’t worry about creepy men staring at me while I was asleep.

I worried about them stealing my stuff, which they did. I should have been worried about them being sneaky and using my messenger profile for their own purposes. They didn’t think that I would notice. They didn’t know me very well. They do now. They thought I would let it go. I didn’t, which was a step in the right direction for me. It was good for me to stick up for myself. So if nothing else, sneaky roommates will help you decide to not be a doormat.

If I was going to get a doormat, I’d get one like this. Maybe my roommates wouldn’t steal it.

There were a lot of opportunities for growth: Meetings, support groups, house meetings, therapy, individual meetings. None of the meeting prepared us for the real world again as much as living with each other and arguing about chores and other things. We mostly argued about chores.

Sometimes it was fun. Sometimes it was complete bullshit.

I miss some of the ladies. I do not miss that sneaky one or the thief that stole my stuff though. Living with them was enough to last me a lifetime. In all fairness, they don’t miss me either.


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