#WeekendCoffeeShare: We Wish We Were Mermaids edition


If we were having coffee, I would tell you

  • that I finished my DIY desk project. I think I’ll finish the dresser today finally. We had some rain delays.
  • that yesteray I gave my youngest daughter a choice of things to do. We could either go to see Elsa and other Frozen characters at the mall or go to the beach. I really thought I would be spending the day at the mall with Elsa. However, she chose the beach.
  • beach
  • It was fabulous. I wore my beach hat to the beach for the first time. We would like to be mermaids. I’d have to give up the hat but everyone has to make sacrifices, right?!
  • beachhat
  • beachhat2
  • Then we went to get lunch and ice cream.
  • The kid asked me if I caught a tan. I said no.
  • Then we went to see my boyfriend where he was running sound for many, many bands. It’s an outdoor place in the middle of nature. Some people like camping and nature.
  • It rained.
  • I wore my hat again to keep the rain at bay. I felt overdressed but dry.
  • It was so muddy. It took less than five minutes for our feet to get muddy. Did you know that flip-flops either slip or get stuck in the mud? Yeah, I do too but I forgot to bring boots.
  • I tried to not be a stick in the mud. It wasn’t working – I got stuck in the mud a few times. After I quit saying how much b.s. mud was, the bugs really started to suck the life out of me. The bugs were too much for me. Even after putting on bug spray, they were still biting. Bugs + mud = b.s.
  • show
    It’s worse than it looks. So dirty.
  • So the kid and I went home where there is Netflix and sweet tea.
  • The kid asked me again if I caught a tan. I said no. But I did catch a sunburn. I still love the beach with all of its sand that gets everywhere.
  • I choose sand over mud. I don’t know if it means anything, except that I really dislike being dirty.
  • You know who mosquitoes probably don’t bother?  Mud People.
  • I’m going to go get some coffee right now and try to forget about the existence of mud, bugs and sunburns. I need to get a mermaid mug ASAP!
  • What are you up to? Anything new and exciting? 🙂

“Just a small town girl – living in a lonely world.” Concert tickets are practically essential. Musicals are the key to life. I like movies, music,books, and corny jokes.


  1. Ahhhh sweet up until the mud and mosquitoes part. I would much prefer the beach to the mall with my daughter as well. You both look amazing in your hats by the way. You wear them well!

  2. I liked that when given a choice between Elsa at a mall and beach it was the outdoors. Sorry about mud, rain, mosquitos, and flip flops disaster! ! Was the music cool?

    1. I only heard one band. They were pretty decent. 🙂 The music during the in-between bands was good. I don’t know who had their iPod playing but it was a good playlist. lol

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