Check out the other profiles in Hasty’s #BeReal series. Fascinating people!


My #BeReal guest today is Holley Perry.

In preparing today’s post I discovered something pretty kick ass about Holley I didn’t know – she has interviewed some pretty cool REAL people. Check out her interview page HERE.

I also discovered this little gem HERE.

Holley, thank you for allowing us to get to know you better. You have some mad interviewing skills. Thank you for being real. It seems to me you bring out the REAL in so many others.

mail.google.com I have tattoos that you can’t see. I don’t have body piercings, which I would like to change. Since I was in college I have wanted to get my nose pierced. I let someone talk me out of it. Why did I let someone influence me like that? It’s because I thought she knew better than me. I thought she knew me better than me. Neither statement is…

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