Star Wars Dubstep is a Thing

star wars dubstep

Did you know that Star Wars dubstep is a real thing? It’s actually pretty awesome.

In keeping with the Star Wars music theme, I found four music videos that each take a different approach to the “Imperial March.” The Prague Orchestra looks like they are having fun.

When you think of Darth Vader, you think of music, right? Okay, maybe not exactly. You probably think of James Earl Jones and joining the dark side.

How many characters have their own theme music? I don’t think anyone has a theme song quite as memorable as Darth Vader’s. It’s too bad that the Star Wars dubstep wasn’t written when the original Star Wars was in theaters.

Half of the people on the planet have probably done an impression of Darth Vader saying, “Luke, I am your father.” The other half are either in denial or honestly haven’t watched “Star Wars.”

I know . . . who hasn’t seen “Star Wars”? Great-grandmas and people who don’t enjoy movies or entertainment or fun. My grandma never watched “Star Wars.” However, she did keep those “Star Wars” from McDonald’s at her house for when I visited.

Star Wars

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  1. Sharing that Prague Film Orchestra Video. Very Clever 🙂

    1. It is! Thanks for visiting! 🙂

  2. Cannot get these out of my head now…thanks? 😀

    1. You’re welcome? 😉 lol

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