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Just a girl and her droid.

Darth Vader’s Influence on Music: Star Wars Dubstep is a Thing


When you think Darth Vader, you think music, right? Okay, maybe not exactly. You probably think of James Earl Jones and joining the dark side.

Half of the people on the planet have probably done an impression of Darth Vader saying, “Luke, I am your father.” The other half are either in denial or honestly haven’t watched “Star Wars.”

I know . . . who hasn’t seen “Star Wars” ? Great-grandmas and people who don’t enjoy movies or entertainment or fun. My grandma never watched “Star Wars.” However, she did keep those “Star Wars” from McDonald’s at her house for when I visited.

How many characters have their own theme music? I don’t think anyone has a theme song quite as memorable as Darth Vader’s.

I found four music videos that each take a different approach to the “Imperial March.” The Prague Orchestra looks like they are having fun.

Star Wars Dubstep – it is awesome. I just like saying Star Wars Dubstep so that’s my plan for the day – saying Star Wars Dubstep and looking for my microphone.

P.S. John Williams is the man – in a good way.

If We Were Having Coffee: ThunderCougarFalconHawk, Michael Jackson & Free Comic Book Day

If we were having coffee, I would

  • Want tell you all about the interview that I just did with ThunderCougarFalconHawk. But it will have to wait a few more days. I will just say that they are awesome, maybe even more awesome than awesome- on CD or at a live show.


You can find them here:


  • Tell you about the local music/clothing store that had Michael Jackson Day for no reason. Just because. They had cookies and mixtapes. It was like the old days. Kids just don’t get excited about video premieres, like we did when “Thriller” was on Mtv for the first time.
  • I may have wanted to do the dance when “Thriller” was playing. You know the one. I’ll be over here practicing for next year.
  • And I went to Free Comic Book Day. By myself. No entourage aka my boyfriend and kids. I’m not sure how I feel about that. It was kind of lonely. And I forgot to wear the tiara. It all worked out fine. I did get a nice print of Princess Leia. Not the slavegirl Princess Leia. The other one.
  • My hair isn't long enough yet. :) Next year for sure.
    My hair isn’t long enough yet. 🙂 Next year for sure. My boyfriend giggles every time he walks past. Next year, maybe less giggling. 🙂
  • https://www.pinterest.com/pin/140526450849323368/
  • P.S. I’m also finished with the A to Z Challenge. I’m really quite pleased with my posts. I’m also pleased that I found a band that starts with Q.

30 Day Yoga Challenge: Day 25 . . . Jedi

Since I have to use some Jedi mind tricks so my kids don’t notice my Yoga session, I found a yoga video about Jedi yoga. How awesome is that?!?

I better hurry before my mom wakes up from her nap or my kids cause chaos in the good living room.

Only five more days to go before I’m finished with this challenge. I might rewardr myself with some Yoda yoga pants.

30 Day Yoga Challenge: Day 18


Do or do not, there is no try. Yoda is my motivation for doing yoga today. There were even a few YouTube video which bases the yoga on the wisdom of Yoga.
Try not to pay attention to the unfinished ceiling in the second video you must. She does have some valid points about fighting depression. We have to keep fighting the winter blues. I find yoga to be especially helpful in warding off the blues.
I also am going to do the third video for the yoga workout today.
May the force be with you!

Link to more images:

Rebel with a Cause: Star Wars

From the 501st Legion website. http://www.501st.com/
From the 501st Legion website. http://www.501st.com/

Until recently, I did not know that the people at conventions dressed in Stormship trooper or Han Solo costumes are usually part of an official group. There are rules. You can’t be some schmuch off of the street with a light saber and a brown bathrobe. Or a sleeping bag.


Both the Rebel Legion and the 501st Legion make charity appearances and also raise money for various charities. Who knew the dark side had a sweet side? This is just a short post. I have to get back to my Mother’s Day Star Wars marathon, while I have the house to myself. Next year, my hair will be long enough for the Princess Leia buns. It will be glorious.


May the 4th Be With You: Free Comic Book Day

Pucker up Chewie! :)
Pucker up Chewie! 🙂

Today is Free Comic Book Day! I’ve been waiting for months for today. Whenever Lucas asked me a question, the answer was “It’s Free Comic Book Day!”
I may have fallen in love with Chewie or vice versa.
The comic book store ran out of free comic books by the time I got there. However, it was still a good time. They had my pull list ready right after I walked in.
There was also a local artist, Joe Corroney, who was selling his work. Afterwards, I discovered he is from the same town. I bought the Lois Lane print. Unfortunately, he did not have any Wonder Woman. I think that he does custom art work. He has prints of “Star Wars,” “Star Trek,” “X-Files” and many other movies and television shows.
This is a picture of Joe and my print of Lois Lane.

Joe & Lois Lane
Joe & Lois Lane

This is a link to Joe Corroney’s website. There’s more information about his work and other things.