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Gabrielle Bueno was a last minute addition to the female comic book artist lineup. Thank goodness that she agreed to do the interview!
She loves Harley Quinn and sweet tea. Check out some of her Harley Quinn art work and original comic book, Die Erste Liebe. She is completely and totally awesome!


What are you working on now?
I’ve just wrapped up a short six page comic called “Le Petit Monstre,” for my portfolio and now I’m living free and getting back onto my neglected webcomic entitled “Die Erste Liebe.” I’m awful fond of titles in other languages.
Who has influenced you the most as an artist?
A big influence on my art have been my peers mostly. Valerie Bastille is a good friend of mine whose dreamy artwork is a big inspiration. She influenced a lot of my painting while my favorite comic artist Sean Murphy influenced a lot of my inking. Those two come to mind more than others, although I’ve been influenced by so many things in my short life.
Who is your favorite female superhero/villain/comic book character
Harley Quinn hands down. A little nervous about her big screen debut in Suicide Squad but man would I love to draw her series. She’s such a fun character that really spoke to me even as a child watching the Batman Animated Series.
Do you think people expect a certain type of art from you since you are female?
I would hope not and if so that’s pretty silly. I draw what I like, whether it be something ultra kawaii and adorable or something visceral, sexual and horrifying. If anyone put me in a box based on gender they’d be missing out on some weird stuff.
How often do you go to comic book conventions? Do you enjoy conventions?
I love tabling at cons, not so much being on the other side with all the people haha. I recently returned from Emerald City Comic Con and had a blast! It’s really fun to meet other artists you know from online or even artists that you admire with all your heart. To actually have that short moment of face to face contact can make an impact on a gal. I know I was a little starstruck with some people.
Are you an introvert or extrovert?
I’m an extroverted introvert thanks to years of retail 😀 I don’t mind talking to people and I can, but boy do I love me some alone time yessiree.
Where do you find your inspiration?
Everywhere I can. Primarily through the comics/art section of bookstores, but even in my day to day life I try to take something that I can put in my work, whether it be a piece of fashion I spotted online or a classic car that almost tried to run me over crossing the street. Everything can be inspiration.
What do you do if you have writer’s block?
Typically draw until the writers block goes away haha. Honestly, my bouts of writing inspiration come and go. I try to jot things down when I can but I try to balance writing and art. Usually I won’t suffer a block from either side unless I’m killin’ myself over a page and then I’ll get frustrated. At that point reading a comic or playing a game chills me out.
Have you had any interesting or awkward experiences since you’ve been an artist/writer?
Not really! Everyone’s been very nice to me and so far respects what I’m doing and my work. Boys can get a little weird with me (unless I’m just not good at recognizing flirting) but otherwise it’s been pretty laid back.
Beverage of choice?
Green tea latte or original down south sweet tea. MMMMM. <3
When was the last time that you dressed up for Halloween?
Just this past year and I was Harley Quinn~!
What do you want people to know about you?
That the reality is I’m a space witch from a galaxy far far away here to demand all your comics are belong to us or some other internet meme popular from with the kids these days. Seriously.
What was the first thing that you were proud of drawing/writing?
I was extremely happy/proud of finishing the first act of my webcomic Die Erste Liebe. I had been writing that story since I was a child so to see at least a piece of it finished and shared online for all to read was a surreal moment in my life. Yes it’s not published work, but that story is my baby, and it’s finally being made. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing all your hard work finished.

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