Who are you?  #blogtober16 

Name: Holley

Born: August 20 in Madison, Tennessee many years ago

School: Bluffton University, 1997

Relationship status:  7 year boyfriend 

Children: 3 girls-  15, 12 and 8

Likes: Wonder Woman, comic books, chocolate, music, movies, books

Dislikes: heights, clowns, rodents, driving, getting dirty


4 responses to “Who are you?  #blogtober16 ”

  1. How do I keep forgetting you have the same birthday as my kidlet? 😀

    1. I don’t know! ! That is awesome!! 😉

  2. Welcome to #Blogtober16, my teenage daughter is a huge wonder woman fan, looking forward to finding out more about you all

    1. Thanks! My teenage girl loves Batman. My middle girl loves Thor. My youngest girl loves Poison Ivy. 🙂

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