Fairy Bones: Sleep Deprived Music Review

fairy bones

Fairy Bones will be releasing their third album, 0% Fun, on February 23. It’s like punk-pop. It’s a little angry but with a hint of fun.

Their music reminds me of that feeling of “Everything is awful but I can still poke fun at myself.” That’s what I think when I hear “No One Can Suffer Like I Can.” Some people are so dramatic that it’s funny.

“8 Ball” has a 60s surfer vibe, which I like. “I hate everything except surfing.” Maybe some of us can relate. Who can hate surfing? Apparently, Fairy Bones likes at least one thing.

“Killing Me” sounded a little bit like Sheer Mag.  The song has that same fuzzy distorted sound.

So it it my official recommendation give Fairy Bones your money in exchange for their music. Also, go see them on tour. They haven’t set any dates as of today but there will be a tour. There’s always a tour.




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  1. I really like the band’s name. I’ve never heard of them. I’ll have to Youtube them and see what I find. Music, all types, have value and purpose. I love hearing new bands!

    1. I like the name too. They have a lot of energy! 😉

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