Interview with . . . Like Satellites

Like Satellites of Toronto would like you to learn the words to their songs. You know for singing in the car or at one of their shows. Knowing the words will make you the king or queen of “Lip Sync Battle.”

 There’s a lyric video of Like Satellites’ latest song, “Muscle Memory.” Learn it. Know it. Be in it to win it. There will be a quiz later.

Like Satellites includes singer Leah Gillespie, bassist Logan Arsenault, Ryan Goodman on guitar, and drummer Alex Bullen.

like satellites


What is your favorite thing about Toronto?

Ryan: The food.

Leah: The best thing about this city is how much is happening in it. It doesn’t matter when you look, there’s always something going on. Plus our music scene is pretty great right now. I love being somewhere that always has so much life.

Alex: I like the people of Toronto – many of whom are from different places and cultures that I wouldn’t have been exposed to if I hadn’t moved here.

Are there any causes/organizations that you support?

Leah: I think mental health awareness and funding for treatment and research is really close to all of us. As a band, we’re actually playing two charity shows for organizations that focus on mental health. It feels really good to give back.

Would you rather stand out from the crowd or blend in?

Leah: Definitely stand out. I’m kind of out there as a person and I’ve got literally rainbow hair right now. Blending in isn’t really my thing.

Logan: I’d rather blend in, actually. Leah: It takes all kinds to make a group work.

What is your favorite song to sing to in the car?

Leah: The Best of Me by The Starting Line.

Ryan: Anything by Jimmy Eat World.

Logan: Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen.

Alex: 11th Hour by Lamb of God.

Leah: One of these things is not like the other!

If you had a time machine, where in time would you go?

Leah: I’d go back to the late 90’s or early 2000’s to when all the bands that I LOVE were just starting up. My biggest regret is not being active in music sooner.

Logan: I’d go back to the Brand New Eyes era of Paramore and go with my brother to see them live.

Ryan: Back to the future.

Alex: 1950’s New York City

Where was your first show?

Leah: Molson Canadian Amphitheatre (now Budweiser Stage) for Warped Tour! Warped is literally the thing that reminded me what I wanted to do for the longest time. Kind of sad we’ll never get to play it. If we’re talking shows I played, it was probably a gymnasium or something after hours and I probably sucked.

Logan: I think it was El Mocambo for me, and my first show with a band was at the Painted Lady.

Ryan: Attending would be System of a Down. Playing is my high school.

Alex: My first show was Between the Buried and Me opening for Killswitch Engage, and the first show I played was a fundraiser in Nelson with my Jazz combo in school.

Did you ever attend Warped Tour?

Leah: Yes! As many times as I could. I saw some of my favourite bands for the first time there.

Logan: Nope.

Leah: But you’re coming with me this year! First and last time.

Ryan: No, I haven’t been.

Leah: Are you serious?

Ryan: Yup.

Alex: I’ve always wanted to attend Warped, but never got the chance. So

What do you want people to know about Like Satellites?

That all our friends were in bands so we decided that we should be too?

But really, that we’re out here making music that we hope makes people want to dance and sing and feel a bunch of feelings with us.

We’re playing a bunch of shows this summer and autumn, we’re previewing and road testing the songs we’re planning to put on our EP. You should probably come and get a sneak peek.



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