Cold Case Quest: Carin Q. White

carin q. white

Carin Q. White and DeWayne Johnson were shot while at White’s home on January 6, 2010. At first, the Dayton Police suspected that it could be a murder/suicide. The coroner’s office said that it was, in fact, a double homicide. 

The picture of Carin Q. White on the Ohio Attorney General’s website doesn’t really represent her very well. Although the photo is probably a driver’s license photo, It looks like a mugshot. I’m not sure when criminalizing the victim started but it’s way past time for it to stop. 

Luckily, there’s a better picture of White to show you. She was a human being and should be shown in that way. I didn’t know her or her friend, DeWayne Johnson. She has many, many friends and family members that want this case to be solved. 

I’ve been reading through some case files. The police seemed so close to solving this case but it’s still listed as unsolved. 

The police had a possible suspect and a gun but then nothing else happened. The last thing that was reported was that the gun was being sent off to the lab for testing.

It’s coming up on the 9th anniversary of the murders. What happened to the test results? What else is keeping this case from being solved? 

Any detail- big or small- could solve this case. It would be a shame to leave White and Johnson’s case as a cold case file. 

If anyone has any information, please contact 

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