a to z bucket list: Rubber Stamp 

We went to see the largest rubber stamp in the world.  It’s in Cleveland, Ohio. 

The sculpture’s real name is Free Stamp. 

Free Stamp at Willard Park


The Flag . . . You know the one

Did you know that the flag that we call the Confederate Flag is not the actual or official Confederate Flag? This is the official Confederate flag.


So here is the deal . . . I don’t care if anyone flies the flag. This one. It was actually the Battle Flag for the Army of Northern Virginia.


In fact, if you live around me in one of those Yankee states, please fly it all day long. It will be easier to pick you out so that I know what you are really about. You can claim Southern pride all day but I think that’s a lie.

Newsflash: You don’t live in the South. You are from Ohio for Pete’s sake. Ohio. During the Civil War, it was a part of Union Army. It is not a part of your history. The odds of you being accepted into the Daughters of the Confederacy are slim. You should Google that shit.

I’m confused by people that don’t live in Southern states that fly the flag. How can you claim it’s southern pride? There are people in Ohio that want to fly it and have parades claiming it’s their right to fly the Confederate Flag. So what are you really saying when you wave the flag around and yelling “Southern pride” with your fake southern accent?

This is still America. You can fly whatever flag you want and I can call you a liar. That’s what America is all about, right? Freedom of speech.

Hour 24 Interview NOT On BuzzFeed.WTF

Hour 24
Hour 24

Update: The page with the interview has disappeared. Gone. Vanished. I’m not sure where it went or why. I’m hoping that it will be back soon. I may or may not be freaking out right now.

So I did this interview with Hour 24. It’s posted over at BuzzFeed. Check it out. They also have a crowdfunding campaign to raise money to make their next album. They’re going to be working with a really great producer. It’s an amazing opportunity for them.

Speaking of amazing – I love their promo photo!

They are also from Temperance, Michigan so Michigan readers – show them some love for sure! Ohio readers, don’t hold it against them. They’re just over the border so it’s almost like they are from Ohio. 🙂 Actually, I think at least one band member does live in Ohio.

At any rate, read more about them over here:

Hour 24 Interview on BuzzFeed

Nope. Sorry. It’s gone. Maybe some other time.

I Have a Glee Hangover.

This isn’t the post that I wanted to write. I wanted to write something spectacular and meaningful. At the very least, the elusive post should have been hilarious.

It’s not mean to be today. Why?

I’m suffering from a “Glee” hangover. I stayed up too late watching “Glee.” I could not stop watching. Darned you Netflix and your new episodes. No. Wait. I love Netflix and the new episodes. I wait for them all season long.


So I can’t think about anything else except “Glee” and my friend, Lizzi. She’s coming to America! I might get to see her if she stops in Ohio. Glee is set in Ohio. . . .


Anyway, I don’t think Lizzi will be doing a tour of “Glee” landmarks. Maybe we could just do showtunes at Karaoke and take a ridiculous number of pictures and post them on Instagram. Then I could have a real “Glee” hangover and an actual hangover.

This is Lizzi’s blog. She is also a magical unicorn.


P.S. I took a quiz. It said I’m Rachel. I feel like that’s not true. She’s way more organized and bossy. I see myself as a combination of Britney and Santana.

Countdown to Gore Orphanage Premiere: Bucket List and Other Things


There are 53 days until the “Gore Orphanage” movie premiere. Let me tell you why I’m excited about this event.

First of all, there are not many movie premieres in Sandusky, Ohio. I can’t say that there have been any within the last five years. So I’m happy that something cool is happening around here. It’s also on my bucket list to attend a movie premiere.

Secondly, my boyfriend is a huge fan of horror movies. He does a lot of nice things for me so I’m taking him to see this movie. I need him to go with me just in case I get scared. The odds are fairly good that I will be watching the movie, while having a death grip on his hand. The other hand might be covering my face. It’ll be just like the old days when people went to scary movies with their boyfriend.

Lastly, I get to wear a dress to an event.

For all of these reasons, I’m super excited about going to see “Gore Orphanage.” I never thought I would be excited about a scary movie but the time has arrived for getting out of my comfort zone. Well, the time will actually arrive in 53 . . . almost 52 days.

Cosi: yay science!

The last time Darling daughter and I visited COSI, she was about two years old. Little Sister #1 has been there on a field trip. Little Sister #2 has never been there before. My mom likes to go on day trips so that we’re not all sitting around her house saying “I’m bored. I’m bored.” Since we were already in Columbus, she suggested to me, in code of course, that we should go to COSI, Center of Science and Industry. My mom also likes for everything to be a surprise, even trips to the ice cream parlor.

COSI always has new and interesting displays. They also have 3D movies. We went to see “Sharks 3D.” It does cost extra for the 3D movies. Little Sister #2 is a shark fanatic so we really could not leave without seeing the shark movie. If my mom and I had more time without chasing the kids, we would have gone to see the Sherlock Holmes exhibit.  Here is a link with more information about the Sherlock Holmes exhibit: sherlockholmesexhibition.com   It’s only going to be in Columbus until Sept. 1.

We had a few setbacks at COSI but we all made it through.

Link to COSI: http://www.cosi.org