Interview with . . . Wargirl

Wargirl is groovy baby. Also, they are pretty badass. If I was in the movie “Predator,” Wargirl would be the group of people that I would want on my side. They are so entertaining and intelligent. They all know things and have certain skillsets that could be useful. Plus, they’ve been to Costa Rica recently so they can survive the heat.

So before anyone goes off into the rainforest, read the interview that I had with Wargirl.


Where was your first show as a fan? as a band? 
As a band our first show was at Chateau Marmont in Hollywood. Not an ordinary place for a show but our friends were putting on a party there so it happened. Very fun first show.
As individuals it’s all over the map. For one of us it was Paul Simon with parents which is still pretty cool. Smashing Pumpkins, The Ramones, the Pixies. No real surprises. Cool stuff but fairly mainstream. I’m sure there are some embarrassing concerts if
we pushed everyone to be really honest. 

How did you choose to record the latest album in Costa Rica?
Matt is our guitarist and producer and he spends a lot of time down there so he has friends and connections There was this great studio that started down
there in the last few years called El Studio CR. It was probably more of a joke to say, we should record in Central America, just get out of America and create 
somewhere totally different.  We are very effected by our upbringing in California as a band, and we are proud of our roots here, but a lot of what we are doing musically and 
lyrically lives outside of any of So Cal or American trends. Our songs have a lot of influence from countries that have been considered third world. We felt that we would
be able to tap into something special there and we believe we did.

Did you get to see the volcanoes? 
Haha, yeah, there is always a volcano in Guatemala that you fly past that has smoke coming out the top. 
There were no smoking volcanoes in Costa Rica at the time but it’s not uncommon.

What type of vibe does Wargirl want to give to the world? 
Music is art and energy and is hopefully fun. We like to say something thoughtful about the world in our lyrics, and wrap it all up in a high energy good time. 
Hopefully what we do inspires people to dive deeper into cultural music. 

What do you guys do in between touring and recording? 
Our bass player Tammy is actually an engineer at Disneyland. Matt runs a medicinal CBD company and produces records. Samantha is a yoga teacher. Jeff and Enya are scientists who invent things with science. It’s very heady so that’s all we know. Our percussionist Erick is a Spanish to English translator of some kind.

Was there a moment that you knew that this band was awesome? 
Haha, I don’t know, we realized it was fun and worth pursuing when people started showing up to our shows and actually listening to the songs we put out. We’ve all been in bands before but this one somehow felt more special and honest even though it was more original and different than any of our past bands. 

What were a few of the highlights from your tour in Europe? 
This last tour we absolutely packed out a few of our shows in Germany which is mind blowing, our album has been released there for a couple months so we actually had fans!
We drove for hours through snow and ice and rain to play Stockholm where we actually had fans. We took an all night ferry from Malmo, Sweden across the Baltic Sea to Germany, which was amazing. Our little tour van surrounded by eastern European truck drivers on a sleeper ferry. Playing Prague was really special and unique, it was an old military base that had been taken over by a club and a restaurant and an ice skating rink and artists and we slept in jail cells. It was all pretty amazing.

What do you want people to know about Wargirl?

We are 3 girls and 3 guys who dig as deep as possible to make what we hope is unique music. We don’t fit into the two party political system in America, and we don’t fit into any particular music scene in this world. While that can all make us all feel separate from everyone, we realize daily that there are a lot of people out there that feel the way we do. 
So we make music for ourselves and for the other outsiders. We try and have fun, and sometimes we write about injustices in the world, but either way we try and wrap it up in a tight danceable groove. Even if someone doesn’t like our sound, you cannot deny our live show comes correct!

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