Sleep Deprived Music Review: The Golden Leaves

In October, the Golden Leaves released their debut album, City of Lights.

They are a rock and roll band – maybe a bit pop/garage punk. Obviously, they’ve graduated from playing in garages and dive bars but the garage punk attitude is still part of their music.


Golden Leaves includes David Nikolaisen, Christian Anton Sundet, Javier Campos, Torleiv Berge, and Arthur Wiik. The band is from Trondheim, Norway.

Best of Trondheim 2019

If I were a mad scientist, this album would be on my playlist. It would motivate me to finish science projects like the time machine and neverending Margarita pitcher. Once I get my time machine up and running, I’m going back to my youth to follow through with my career in interpretive dance. By the way, my favorite song on the album is “Dancing.”

Check out their video, which is a little reminiscent of Grease. (Gotta love the nerds in their short shorts. )


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