Cold Case Quest: Sheronda Norris

sheronda norris
Sheronda Norris

21-year-old Sheronda Norris of Columbus, Ohio was last seen alive by her family on September 15, 1991. She was on her way to her aunt’s house but never arrived.

A bus driver found her body on the afternoon of September 16, 1991. the coroner determined that she had been strangled and left in the area of Agler and Sunbury Roads.

The police are not sure what happened after she left her house. They did say that the case could be connected to several other cases. No one has said which cases but I think that Norris’s case could be connected to Frances Smith, Janet Amar, and Rene Combs.

Norris left Richmond Ave. She was on her way to E. 23rd Ave. Her body was found at Sunbury and Agler Roads.

There have not been any suspects or arrests. No one knows or has said if she was seen with anyone before her death.

Norris was about to be served a warrant for aggravated burglary. The warrant was vacated shortly after her death. She was a former go-go dancer who was trying to get her life back on track. Norris wanted to provide a better life for herself and her young son, who was two at the time.

Does anyone think that her death was related to the burglary? Was she going to testify against someone else? Is it possible that Norris was chosen at random? Was the person who killed Norris the same killer in the other cases? If I had to bet money, I would say that the cases are connected and there are probably more homicides committed by the same person.

If anyone knows anything about the cases of Sheronda Norris, Rene Combs, Frances Smith, or Janet Amar, contact the Columbus Police or Central Ohio Crime Stoppers.

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