Cold Case Quest: Brenda Morrison

brenda morrison
Brenda Morrison

35 -year -old Brenda Morrison was found in her apartment on the East side of Columbus after being beaten and strangled. Morrison was the fourth strangulation victim in 1992. Her homicide occurred on May 21, 1992.

The police did not believe that it was a home invasion since there were no signs of a break-in. Morrison may have known her attacker. Morrison had been arrested for prostitution in the past like many of the women on the list of similar cases.

The first seven on this list were on the Columbus Police Department’s list of similar homicides in 1992. The last two are similar cases that occurred after 1992.

List of Similar Cases

Portia Mitchell, 30, Dec. 3, 1990.

Willette “Michelle” Sheppard, 25, May 20, 1991.

Alma “Rene” Lake, 30, June 3, 1991.

Sheronda Norris, 21,Sept. 16, 1991.

Janet Amar, 35, Jan. 23, 1992.

Darlene Gervins, 29, Feb. 15, 1992

Andrea “Angie” Durrah, 25, May 12, 1992. Suspected strangulation.

Nanette Miller, Dec. 3, 1993.

Frances Smith, Nov. 15, 2004. Might not be related but similar.

None of the cases have been solved as of today. I’d be willing to bet that the killer is someone that blends into the area. However, I don’t think people will be completely surprised that this person is capable of murder. Someone probably already suspects who the killer is.

The location of Morrison’s apartment

Who to contact: 

If anyone has any information that could be helpful, whether it’s a big or small detail, please contact the Columbus Police Department or Central Ohio Crime Stoppers.

Columbus Police Department and Central Ohio Crime Stoppers (614-645-4749)

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