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out of the pantry

Ronni Robinson’s memoir, Out of the Pantry, is set mostly in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

On the outside Robinson’s home during childhood may have seemed normal; however, there was something missing that may have led to Robinson’s binge eating. Her parents provided the necessities – food, shelter, and clothing. Apparently, they were not warm and cuddly. The parents did not dole out compliments or emotional support.

From the time that her mother hid cookies, Ronni became exceptionally adept at hiding her overeating. The binge eating behavior lasted for thirty years. She kept it a secret from everyone. Ronni lists many of the foods that she would eat and different ways that she hid the behavior.

At some point, she reads about overeating and realizes that her behavior is an eating disorder. Ronni researches eating disorders and takes steps to get well again. She reveals her most guarded secret to her husband, Efrem. She joins Overeaters Anonymous and also begins therapy.

Ronni begins the long journey to heal the part of her that wants to camp out at the dessert table. Some of us may have done our share of emotional eating when Little Debbie was our only friend. Her story is really remarkable.

If you suspect that you may be an overeater then you may find this book inspirational and quite helpful.

Those who are enabling you to continue to binge are do not have your best interests in mind. (Looking at you Little Debbie!) Some enablers may not enjoy this book. You should put yourself and your well-being first and read the book.

  • I received an ebook from the author in exchange for doing a review. All opinions are my own. Obviously.
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