Sleep Deprived Music Review: Myles Cameron

Myles Cameron
Myles Cameron

New York native Myles Cameron is an artist in a way that few musicians truly are in reality. Sure, there are musicians who are talented singers or guitar players. How many are creators deep down in their soul? Myles Cameron is not only a singer-songwriter but an artist from head to toe.

I’ve been listening to Cameron’s album, Black Sheep, for the past week or so. It is so good that I don’t even feel worthy of listening. But I cannot stop so I’m just telling you guys and Manny Pacuiemeow, my cat who still enjoys music.

Technically, the musical genre would be considered R & B. However, I think Cameron’s music goes beyond any definition of genre.

This album reminds me of that feeling you have when you are just walking around the city, no destination in mind – just thinking about life and love. If I could travel to a big city sometime soon, I would want to listen to this album on repeat while walking around looking at all of the bright lights.

Has anyone had a dream about not seeing a former crush ever again? It’s a bittersweet feeling. Black Sheep has that bittersweet feeling that you almost dwell on for too long. I have no regrets about getting lost with this album.


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