LAKES: Flawless Friday Video


The song, “Pine Barrens,” by LAKES is new but the video contains vintage film of skiers. It reminds me of what would happen if WHAM actually left the ski lodge and actually skied during their “Last Christmas” video.

Happy New Year! Instead of sharing something incredibly new and shiny, I wanted to share something new-ish with more of a vintage feel. The video by LAKES fits that description

I can relate to the lyrics, which contain the phrase, “I don’t wanna be here this time.” My favorite verse is:

It’s New Year’s Eve
We’re waking up in your old room
Surrounded by ghosts of what could’ve been

Some of us may be feeling a bit melancholy this holiday season. So let’s toast to getting back on the slopes or wherever it is that we actually want to be instead of being in places that don’t serve us anymore.


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