Quarantine Interview, Part 1: Melotika

In a perfect world, I would just pack up my van and drive across the Canadian border to see my friend Melotika. She has recently moved from Toronto to Montreal. In this scenario, it’s still a perfect world so we don’t have anything but time to drive to Montreal to hang out with Melotika and listen to music. Who cares if she’s five hours further away?! I’m sure the scenery is beautiful.

So until travel and budgets are not so restricted, let’s get to know Melotika a little bit better. Please welcome Melotika to the blog!


📸 by Jordy Clarke


Where have you been staying in 2020?

The first 4 months of 2020 I was living in Toronto, in May 2020 I moved back home to Montreal because of the pandemic.

What have you been doing during times of quarantine?

The first part of quarantine my boyfriend and I just got real lazy by watching movies, eating junk food, hoping this thing would end. Spring kicked in and we decided to move back to Montreal to save money and pay cheaper rent. Cost of living in Toronto is ridiculous! Quarantine was on and off this year. The Summer started off well as suddenly bars, restaurants and shops opened back up. I decided to work on new songs throughout the Summer and wanted to write and record an album, which I got around to doing (Commuted back to Toronto to record)! Fall kicked in and another lockdown started.

So I have remained home ever since keeping busy interacting with my fans through my ‘Hang Out & Chat’ live streams on Instagram, finished recording my album, and began working on promo material for my new music! Right after Christmas a new version of the lockdown here has been enforced. Curfews! Not aloud out past 8pm. This doesn’t change my current life style as I continue to stay productive and working on ‘Melotika’ as a business. The ‘Hang Out & Chat’ episodes are now available to stream on Spotify as a podcast. I kicked off the year wanting to grow my YouTube channel hosting song review videos. So far so good! And I learned how to edit on a green screen, which I ordered some equipment from Amazon, for DIY home made music videos!

Have you found or re-found any hobbies?

Yes most definitely! I got back into content creating, more specifically video work. The goal is to film and DIY my upcoming music videos for all the songs I have planned to release this year! I also learned that I really enjoy hosting and doing the whole “talk show” thing on my ‘Hang Out & Chat’ series. I also got back into painting this summer and landscaping.

What have you been listening to lately?

My playlists are a wide range of new music I discovered in electro pop such as Roisin Murphy, Jessie Ware, Dua Lipa, and have been going back to my roots listening to Portishead, Gorillaz, Metric, Silversun Pickups, and lots more oldies from the 70s and 80

Has your songwriting process changed this year?

Slightly! I don’t have a ‘go-to’ process of song writing. Every song I write has it’s own unique way of becoming what it is. This Summer I explored writing a song with another songwriter for the first time. I introduced to Claire, who goes by the stage name Gory Gloriana, one of my poems that I had a specific vision to turn it into a song. She came up with amazing chords for the song and new lyrics to convey the message, and I played around with these ideas to create new melodies and a new arrangement.

It was really fun to work with another composer on a track, like being in a band! The phone calls and back and fourth exchange is super memorable. The original poem is called ‘Flowers’ which will be an interlude on my upcoming album. The new song we created is now called ‘Tangled Hearts’ produced with Sean Savage. The album will be called ‘Dancing Without You.’ An eclectic collection of songs inspired by disco, new wave 80s and 90s music. The official single of the album will be released on February 12, a synth pop track called ‘Beautiful Disguise.’

Is there any message that you would like to convey to fans or soon-to-be fans?

If opportunities don’t come your way, create your own opportunities instead of waiting. I learned this over the last couple of years! And I believe these statements super relevant during these uncertain times.

What is something positive that has happened to you during 2020?

Ironically so much good came out of 2020 for me! I got to connect with my fans on a deeper and more personal level, composed an entire album, and discovered what sound and direction I want to explore more with moving forward. 2020 gave me lots of time to think about my personal visions and goals.

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“Just a small town girl – living in a lonely world.” Concert tickets are practically essential. Musicals are the key to life. I like movies, music,books, and corny jokes.

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