Manny Walters: Sleep Deprived Music Review

manny walters
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Manny Walters of South Africa released his Roots EP in 2020. I noticed Walters in 2018 or 2019. There was even a rough, practically unbegun draft of a music review for his Dark Halo EP. Obviously, I got distracted. However, I did not forget about Manny Walters. Thank goodness he is still out there making new music.

Walters describes his music as “electric rhythm & blues/ alternative soul,” which is pretty accurate. He lists Richie Havens as one of his musical influences. I think you can hear a bit of the influence of Havens in Walter’s music. His voice sounds a little bit like Lenny Kravitz. Is it just me that thinks so?

There is also an excellent cover of Marvin Gaye’s “Inner City Blues.” Doing a cover of a legendary artist can be tricky but apparently, Walters is a musical magician.

If I could listen to this music anywhere, it would be in my craft room, a coffee house, or at a painting class. Wherever a person can be creative is an alright place to listen to Manny Walters.





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