Best Move: Meet and Greet

best move
Photo by: Raoul Ortega

Sacramento-based band Best Move is cooler than cool. They have released a single, “Forgotten Bloom.” Their music is indie/alternative. The band also writes their own music.

It is like a gem hiding among some not-so-good music. You know the feeling when you find forgotten money from last winter in a coat pocket?! Or when you hear Tom Waits or Leonard Cohen for the first time. That is how I feel about this band. I look forward to hearing all of their new music.

The band members include Kris Anaya, Joseph Davancens, and Fernando Olivia.

You can find Best Move in all of the usual places. The following links should get you started.

 Bandcamp / Instagram / Facebook

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  1. I lived in Sacramento from 1989-1994. It’s a great city, but I left it and moved to St. Louis to own and operate a bed & breakfast inn for 17 years, but I digress… “Forgotten Bloom” is nice.

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