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Meet and Greet: Best Move

Photo by: Raoul Ortega

Who: Sacramento-based band Best Move. Kris Anaya, Joseph Davancens, and Fernando Olivia

What: Their music is indie/alternative. They write their own music.

Why: Best Move is cooler than cool. They have released a single, “Forgotten Bloom.” It is like a gem hiding among some not-so-good music. You know the feeling when you find forgotten money from last winter in a coat pocket?! Or when you hear Tom Waits or Leonard Cohen for the first time. That is how I feel about this band. I look forward to hearing all of their new music.

Where: You can find Best Move in all of the usual places. The following links should get you started.

BEST MOVE LINKS: Bandcamp / Instagram / Facebook


  1. I lived in Sacramento from 1989-1994. It’s a great city, but I left it and moved to St. Louis to own and operate a bed & breakfast inn for 17 years, but I digress… “Forgotten Bloom” is nice.

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