Sleep Deprived Music Review: Miguel Escobar

miguel escobar
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Well, I meant to just listen to one song from Seattle resident Miguel Escobar’s In Transition album. I had not heard Miguel Escobar before. Now here I am at the very end of the album. I cannot stop listening and that’s the truth.

The music is comforting in the way that a merry-go-round is comforting. You kind of know what’s going on but every time you go around – things are just a little different. You might be scared at first but somehow it becomes fun and you’re a little more liberated than when the ride started. Then you might also feel more nauseous from all of the spinning. Spinning is not required to enjoy this album.

Escobar’s music could be described as folk rock. It has a bit more rock than folk. I cannot think of a specific person that he sounds like. I just know that I always want to hear his voice. The viola and the cello definitely make this album even more beautiful than it already is. My favorite song on the album is “Couch Cushions.”
The video reminds me of the time that I wanted to burn my couch. I also wanted to torch all of my bad habits and depression.

I would want to listen to this album while going on a long walk or a bike ride with a friend. Maybe we’ll find a merry-go-round and spin until we cannot stand up.




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