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moldy roses

I appreciate the video for “Millenial Falcons” by Moldy Roses quite a bit. I’m pretty sure my dad had that exact same blazer ensemble.

My dad was a teacher for many years. I guess you could say he’s old school. One year he had a horrible class, which aged him about ten years. However, he didn’t let those little punks get under his skin or give him a wet willy.

Moldy Roses made the following statement about the experience of shooting the music video for “Millenial Falcons” :

“Lucky for us, Quin’s landlord is a 6th and 7th-grade art teacher who mentioned to us that he was moving classrooms and had an empty one to spare for a day. We knew the timing of the janitors, and had to film the entirety of the video in about 5 hours in between their shifts. Once the morning janitor left, we piled into the classroom with lights and cameras, and spent the next 5 hours shooting as much film as we could with whatever we had available. It was hot (laughs).”

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Quin Manchester: Guitar/vocals

Kevan O’Connor: Guitar

Nick Viterelli: Bass

Nick Townsend: Drums

Flawless Friday Video

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