Sleep Deprived Music Review: Van Hunt

van hunt

Van Hunt, currently residing in Georgia, released the album Trim (The Reimagined Van Hunt) in 2019. How does it happen that not everyone knows about Van Hunt? As of April 3,2021, I was a first-time listener and from then on will be a lifelong fan.

Actually, this album is a reimagining of his self-titled debut album. If you listen to both albums, you will hear the differences. Both albums are great but the Trim definitely shows how Hunt has changed as a musician and a person.

This album is very much rooted in the blues and soul. I don’t think this album has anything unworthy of the listener’s ears. My favorite songs are “Her December” and “Who Will Love Me in Winter.”

Hunt reminds me of D’Angelo in some ways. I think they both started out as Neo-soul musicians but they’ve both grown musically. They both still have neo-soul and R & B influences but incorporate whatever they need to to make the music work.

I want to listen to this album everywhere. I wish that I had a bag for carrying vinyl records and a record player just so that I could specifically carry Van Hunt’s album around with me. No one would expect me to be the DJ. It would be awesome.

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