Sleep Deprived Music Review: McKinley Dixon

McKinley Dixon will be releasing his album, For My Mama and Anyone Who Look Like Her, on May 7. Dixon describes his music as “Music Gerald from Hey Arnold would listen to.” It is an accurate statement. Cool kids and cool moms will love this album.

Dixon’s music is rap with jazz instead of beatboxing. The language is not for the faint of heart. I mean . . . it’s rap. So far I haven’t heard any references to bitches and hoes, which is a bonus. If you want to hear rap that tells a story that goes beyond bitches and hoes, then listen to Dixon’s story. My favorite songs on this album are “brown shoulders” and “Mama’s Home.” I don’t know how else to say it but the whole album is deep. It’s on another level than a lot of the music out there right now.

 “I think about the messaging, and how this can be a way for another Black person, someone who looks like me, to listen to this and process the past. Everything I’ve learned about communication for this album culminates with this bigger question about time. Is time linear when you’re still healing and processing?” he explains. “Storytelling is time travel, it’s taking the listener to that place. Quick time travel. Magic. These raps I’m making are no different than stories told around the campfire. They elongate the culture.” – McKinley Dixon

To me, it sounds more like Eric B. & Rakim than Lil’ Wayne. If you don’t know Eric B. & Rakim, Google them immediately. While visiting my mom, I would play Eric B. & Rakim. My mom would be dancing down the hall. Those were good times with my mom. You guys could play Dixon for your mom and maybe you’ll have your own good times unless your mom is a prude.

I would like to listen to this album either before or after writing poetry. It seems like someone could be in the right mindset to write after hearing Dixon’s album. Where would you want to listen to this album? Let me know what you guys think.

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