Sleep Deprived Music Review: Southern Avenue

southern avenue

The draft of this review for Southern Avenue’s 2019 album, Keep On, has been sitting in the unfinished section for a few months. I guess I was afraid that once the post is complete I won’t have an excuse to listen to Memphis-based Southern Avenue anymore.

Luckily, I have finally convinced myself that I don’t have to let the music go. I’m a grown-up. I can eat ice cream for dinner so putting Southern Avenue on a playlist should be alright. My favorite song on the album is “We’re Gonna Make It.” It reminds me of when my boyfriend and I were super poor and couldn’t afford ice cream. If we came into some extra money, we would say “We’re gonna make it.”

It reminds me of the music from the Muscle Shoals scene -soul and rock and roll. Southern Avenue is so vibrant. I’m glad to be alive so that I can hear how full of life their music is.

If I could listen to this record anywhere on earth, it would be at the beach and at the ice cream stand that is on the drive home from the beach. It would be a perfect day – good music, the beach and ice cream.

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