5 Reasons Steven Bamidele is Sweeter than Christmas Morning

steven bamidele
Photo by Theo Lowenstein

Steven Bamidele has a beautiful, sweet voice. I think his voice is made of honey and cotton candy. The five songs listed below are the reasons that I think Bamidele’s voice is an early Christmas in July present to us. For the last five years, he has released at least one song a year. If you click on the song titles below, you can listen to Steven Bamidele’s music. All of his songs are a gift from the heavens that is available on the internet.

  1. 2017 – You Can’t Put Out This Fire
  2. 2018 – Things Could Be Better
  3. 2019 – Still My Mother’s Baby
  4. 2020- Again From Scratch. From the EP, A Sense of Belonging
  5. 2021 – What Happens Afterwards

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